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Dec 24
Bailee on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Last Night
I hope you guys got to watch our girl on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Last Night. She was absolutely hilarious as always. She told some really funny stories. My favorite was the one about Maddy. If you didn't catch it, don't worry! You can watch her appearance here:
Posted by: Juli

Dec 19
Another Gallery Update!
Great news, Belle visitors... Juli finished her exams! She had some time to add loads of gorgeous photos to our gallery. Isn't that fantastic? Two of them are of Bailee in "A Taste Of Romance" (those were posted exclusively by Just Jared Jr., so all the credit goes to them). I'm so glad we're getting so many new "A Taste Of Romance" pictures! The other ones she added are from the "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" press conference, which was held back in August. Remember we used to have only six pictures? Well, there are now 21 new photos in the album! Both Juli and I love these pictures to pieces. Which are your favorite Bailee pictures? Let us know in our Tagboard (I'm just curious).
Posted by: Dani

Dec 16
"Cowgirls 'N Angels" Gallery Update
The "Cowgirls 'N Angels" poster was released not long ago, and our girl is, of course, featured in it! They used a gorgeous new picture. I've added it to the gallery, so go and check it out! I've also (finally) added screencaps of the trailer we posted about a long time ago. That's it for today!
Posted by: Dani

Dec 11
"The Haunting Hour" + "A Taste Of Romance"
For those who watched "The Haunting Hour" yesterday... Did you enjoy it? Which version did you like better, the original or the director's cut? For those who didn't get to see it, don't worry! The Hub uploaded both versions of the episode to its official website! You can watch the original version here and the director's cut here. After you finish watching them, remember to vote for the ending you liked the most here. Oh, and in other "The Haunting Hour" related news, I've added a HQ still of our girl in yesterday's episode.We finally know when "A Taste Of Romance" is going to air! It's going to air on January 14th on Hallmark. I can't wait to see it! The plot of the movie has also been released, and you can read it below. In photo news of the movie, a picture from the promotional photoshoot has been released, and I've added it to our gallery. Since the movie is coming out next month, let's hope more and more photos are released soon!
In the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie, uptight French chef Sara Westbrook (Teri Polo) gets fired up when her upscale café, Chez Varenne, is suddenly overshadowed by a new restaurant moving in next door run by a group of rowdy firemen.Led by handsome former fire fighter Gill Callahan (James Patrick Stuart) and his friend Danny (Rockmond Dunbar), The Five Alarm Grill is soon a big success while Sara and Patsy (Romy Rosemont), her pastry chef, struggle to bring in customers.Sara suddenly softens when she meets Gill’s ten-year-old daughter Hannah (Madison) who she can’t help but take under her wing when she learns Hannah, like herself, is growing up without a mom. Ignoring the obvious tension between her dad and Sara, Hannah is soon playing matchmaker.Source
To finish this update, I'm going to take you to the past. I've found two extremely cute stills of Bailee in "Phoebe In Wonderland". My heart melts when I look at these pictures... Our sweet girl was so tiny! I highly recommend you to take a look at them before you leave the site.
Posted by: Dani

Dec 10
"The Haunting Hour" Today!
Remember that Bailee's season 2 episode of "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour" airs today on The Hub. Bailee plays Jenny in this episode, which is called "Scarecrow". Remember that it will have two endings (so, it's going to air twice), and you can vote for the one you liked the most at I've posted the schedule per time zone below, so that everyone can watch it. Oh, and The Hub uploaded a promo of the episode to YouTube, and you can also find that below. The episode looks super creepy, doesn't it? There's something about scarecrows that gives me the chills.
Timezone: Eastern (5:00pm, and then again at 5:30pm)Timezone: Central (4:00pm, and then again at 4:30pm)Timezone: Mountain (3:00pm, and then again at 3:30pm)Timezone: Pacific (2:00pm, and then again at 2:30pm)Source
Posted by: Dani

Nov 30
"Brand New 'Haunting Hour' With TWO Endings!"
Listen up ‘Haunting Hour’ fans, you’re in for double the chills for an upcoming episode of R.L. Stine’s hit series! In “Scarecrow,” Bailee Madison guest stars as Jenny, a farmer’s daughter. She and her brother Bobby (Richard Harmon) are in a race for their lives. The siblings are at odds with a scarecrow that gives off an eerie vibe. Could it be that the strange person who dropped off the scarecrow had darker intentions than simply warding off crows...? In this very special airing, the episode will be shown twice, but with two separate endings, and the Hub wants YOU to choose which one you liked more. On Saturday, December 10th, catch back-to-back viewings of “Scarecrow” starting at 5:00p.m. Then, after the second episode is over, head to to vote for the ending you liked the most! Two endings? We’re excited for this double dose of R.L. Stine’s ‘The Haunting Hour.'Source
So, we now know that Bailee's character in her new episode of "The Haunting Hour" is called Jenny, and that we'll be able to see the episode in just a few days, because it airs on December 10th!
Posted by: Dani

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