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Nov 02
"Us & Them"
Just a small update to tell you guys that Bailee's latest booking "Us & Them" is now called "Parental Guidance". Also, we now know that the movie is supposed to come out on November 21st, 2012, and that the full name of Bail's character is Harper Decker Simmons. Let's hope more information and/or on set pictures are released soon!
Posted by: Dani

Oct 22
Power Of Youth Event + Eyegore Awards
Bailee is currently at this year's Power Of Youth Event, where she is being honored for the amazing work she does for Alex's Lemonade Stand. We've added some photos of Bailee at the event (she looks gorgeous in that dress!), and we'll add more as soon as they are released.There are also 20 new pictures of Bails at Universal's "Halloween Horror Nights" Eyegore Awards, back on September 23rd (we only had one picture before!). Enjoy, and make sure to come back to see more photos of Bailee at the Power Of Youth Event!
Posted by: Dani

Oct 15
Happy 12th Birthday, Bailee!
Everyone here at Belle is celebrating today (our Tagboard is full of birthday messages!), because our girl, the amazing and sweet Bailee, turns 12 years old today! Bailee, we wanted to wish you a very, very HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true, and let's hope you enjoy this day with all your loved ones. For those who sent messages for the birthday project, Bailee should be getting it soon, so thank you for all the wonderful wishes and stories!
Posted by: Dani

Oct 03
"Cowgirls 'N Angels" Trailer
The very first "Cowgirls 'N Angels" trailer is out! Our girl is in it a lot, obviously, so if I were you, I wouldn't leave the site before watching it! Thanks to Carrie for the link.
Posted by: Dani

Oct 01
Birthday Project Reminder!
Remember that today is the last day to submit something for our birthday project! So, don't forget to submit something if you haven't already.
Posted by: Dani

Sep 30
"The Haunting Hour" Season 2 Promo
A promo for the second season of "The Haunting Hour" was released, and Bailee is in it! It seems her episode is about a scarecrow, because you can spot her in a few scenes with it. Thanks to Alex for the link!
Posted by: Dani

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